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What is a Memory Item

A memory item is a cherished creation crafted from the fabric of special moments. Whether it's clothing worn by a loved one who has passed, nostalgic camp or band shirts, or any fabric item holding precious memories, I transform these materials into personalized keepsakes. From adorable stuffed animals and ornaments to whimsical gnomes and comforting pillows, each piece is a tangible reminder of the moments and connections woven into the fabric of our lives. These custom-made items serve as a heartwarming tribute, preserving the essence of treasured memories in a tangible and meaningful way.

Memory Item Information

Please launder your clothing before dropping off; stains are perfectly fineā€”no need to feel embarrassed. However, please note that I don't create items from undergarments.

Once I receive the clothing or fabric, I'll ensure it's in good condition for your project. Feel free to bring in fabric items like blankets, robes, or towels as well.

Throughout the process, I'll provide updates on your special item. Keep in mind that items made from clothing, while cherished, may be delicate and are not recommended for small children.

How to Order

Choose the clothing you'd like transformed into a memory item. Browse my social media or website for inspiration.

Connect with me via email or social media (details on the contact page). Let's discuss ideas, timelines, and pricing.

Drop off your clothing at a designated location and complete a brief form. They'll notify me upon your drop-off. Visit my contact page for drop-off locations.

If you're not in the Northeast Ohio area, you can order through my Etsy shop. Upon ordering, I'll provide an address for you to send your items. Please note there are additional costs, including shipping, for Etsy orders.

Once your items are ready, I'll return them to the boutique where you dropped them off. For Etsy orders, I'll send them back to you.


  • Gnomes start at $30

* Frame add on $10

  • Pillows start at $30

* I base the price on 16x16

pillow or smaller

  • Stuffed Animals start at $50

  • Ornaments start at $25

  • Patches and add-ons are an additional fee

I am happy to make other items

as well! Let's chat!

I do not make blankets or quilts at this time

I know it is impossible to hold a memory in your hands, so I make it possible to forever hold a cherished keepsake close to your heart. -Colleen

Need A Repair?

I take pride in offering complimentary repairs for the memory items I create, understanding that accidents can happen over time. These cherished pieces, made from well-loved clothing and fabrics, may exhibit signs of wear due to their history of being worn and washed. While I am dedicated to maintaining the integrity of each item, I advise against giving them to children as they are inherently delicate. It is my commitment to ensure that these precious keepsakes endure, embodying the memories they hold for years to come.

Please contact me with photos of the repair and we can discuss options!

Find my items in store!

Interested in carrying my items in your store, or want to be a memory item location?

Lets chat!

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