Colleen Higgins Studio

I am an artist based in Northeast Ohio. I specialize in memory items, stuffed animals, and gnomes!

Memory Item Information

  • Please, wash clothing before dropping off
  • Stains are okay, don't be embarrassed by them. I completely understand these clothing items have been well-loved.
  • I will not make items out of undergarments (yes, I had to put this in here)
  • Once I have the clothing/fabric item I will take a look and confirm that the material is in good condition and will work for your project.
  • Items do not need to be made out of clothing. They can be other fabric items such as blankets, robes, and towels.
  • I will send updates as I am working on your special item!
  • Items made from clothing are well loved but oftentimes can be delicate.
  • I do not recommend for small children,.

How to Order

1) Gather the clothing that you may want to be made into a memory item. Look at my social media pages or keep scrolling through the website for ideas.

2) Email me or contact me through social media. (Info on the contact page) We can talk through ideas, time frames, and pricing

3) Drop off your clothing item(s) at one of the drop-off locations. Both locations have a small form for you to fill out. They will contact me when you drop off. Check out my contact page for drop off locations!

4) If you are not local (Northeast Ohio area) you are welcome to order from my Etsy site. Once ordered I will message you an address to send your items to. I will then send them back when finished. * Note that there are extra costs including shipping when ordering through Etsy.

5) I will deliver your items back to the boutique you drop off at when finished. Or I will send back if ordered through Etsy.


  • Gnomes start at $30

* Frame add on $10

  • Pillows start at $25

* I base the price on 16x16

pillow or smaller

  • Stuffed Animals start at $50

  • Ornaments start at $30

  • Patches and add-ons are an additional fee

I am happy to make other items

as well! Let's chat!

I do not make blankets or quilts at this time

I know it is impossible to hold a memory in your hands, so I make it possible to forever hold a cherished keepsake close to your heart. -Colleen

I love making gnomes, stuffed animals, and other fabric items!

Other Items

Stuffed animals I have made: bears, horses, giraffes, elephants, bats, owls, octopuses, stegosaurus, pterodactyls, foxes, dogs, narwhals and more!

I can make custom gnomes and stuffed animals! Let's chat!

Find my items in store!

Forage and Feather -Aurora, OH

The Helicopter Daughter - Mentor, OH

The Gravel Pit - Fairport Harbor, OH

Interested in carrying my items in your store, or want to be a memory item location?

Lets chat!

Contact me

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The Helicopter Daughter

Located in the Matchworks Building

8500 Station Street, Mentor, OH 44060

Memory item Drop off Locations

Forage and Feather

311 E Garfield Rd, Aurora, OH 44202